Dimples on face…………Is it A Genetic Defect?


Dimple is a natural indentation on the face noticeably a small depression in the cheeks that is considered a mark of beauty and always appreciated in feminine beauty. Some people wish to have dimples on their face and no doubt it looks very attractive and beautiful. Mostly these dimples are found on the both sides of face. One sided dimples are very rare.

But you would be surprised to know that this beauty mark is a deformity in face muscles and according to medical science is caused by a fault in connective tissues of face. Here are some facts about dimples on the face.

Anatomy of Dimples

Human’s face contains a special type of muscles known as Zygomaticus  Major muscles that are said to be the muscle of smile means these muscles create facial expressions during smile. When someone smiles, it raises the corners of mouth. Dimples are basically the change in structure of these facial muscles. Dimple is a facial trait that is produced on face when these zygomaticus muscles are shorter in size than normal and form depression in facial skin.

Temporary Dimples

Majorly dimples are permanent. But another reason of dimples is said to be the facial fats. These dimples are not permanent and disappear when the facial fat goes away. These are not considered good for health so this type of dimples can be vanished through face exercise and proper diet.

Genetics of Dimples

It’s very interesting to hear that Dimples are inherited facial characteristics. This trait is transferred genetically from parents to children due to only one gene. This gene is present in the sex cells of parents prior to reproduction process. If both the parents have dimples then there are almost 70-100% chances of developing dimples in child. But if only one parent has dimples then the chances decrease up to 25-50 %.

How to get Dimples naturally

Here are some simplest ways to get natural beautiful smile with dimples.

1-You can mimic natural dimples with make-up tricks. Use dark brown eyeliner pencil to dot the place on your face where you want your dimples. Then draw a line in crescent moon shape curve around the marked dot. Finally blend the line into your skin.

2-Press the place on face where you want dimples, for 30 minutes on daily basis for several weeks.

3-Another technique is sucking your cheeks in. Start Dimples exercise by pucking your lips and then suck your cheeks in. Use this method for several weeks to get results.


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