Kumrat Valley… A New Heaven on Earth


Kumrat valley is recently discovered one of the beautiful hidden part of KPK Pakistani is a charming valley in Upper Dir district of KPK province .The people who loves  to visit new places they must visit this piece of heaven and enjoy the flawless greenery and  cool weather.Kumrat is covered with lush green meadows , snow covered mountains  and river panjkora , all these together make an attraction for tourists towards this valley. The valley is located some 50 kilometers up north from the Upper Dir Town sheringal.Sheringal which is located north east of Dir town. It takes five hours journey from Dir, through   sheringal to reach the kumrat valley.The valley is located at a height of 8,100 feet above sea level and is a part of Dir- kohistan valley. The valley is famous for its towering pine forests. After entering inside the valley, melodious sounds of gushing Water Mountains enhance the picturesque area beyond the peaceful valley. You can find the markhors and leopards on the mountain peaks. So come and visit this place capture precious moments of your life with new adventure. This article is all about informing to our tourists  about this heaven. At the end next time when you want to spend your holidays , pack your bags and make sure to take a tour of this pleasing valley.


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