My Pakistan is Surely a Gift of GOD.. Just Explore It


This article has been written for all those adventure lovers who wants to take risks that Pakistan is blessed with. Pakistan offers a unique variety of tourism that includes nature travel , adventure travel ,cultural ,heritage, religious tourism .Pakistan is blessed with excellent tourist spots in all over the country Pakistan has a list of beautiful deserts where you can explore your extreme adventure .some of them are Cholistan desert, Thar desert, Indus Valley Desert, Thal desert etc.In addition ,Pakistan has natural wonders in form of some of the  mountains and peaks including the hindu kash ,pamir,karakoram ,himalayas , mushkpuri ,miranjani ,nanga parbat etc.Historical places in pakistan also enhances the beauty of Pakistan .some of them Moenjo_daro Taxila , Harrapa Sahiwal, Badshahi mosque ,Shalimar Gardens which attract tourists for its wonderful historic civilizations .Tourists have a wide range of budgets and taste . In Pakistan some people prefer simple vacations while others want specialized holidays who wants to stay in a different environments beyond their daily routine. They want to explore the real beauty of Pakistan. There are many hidden beautiful places in Pakistan to whom many tourists are not familiar with. The purpose of this article is to inform our tourists to come and discover the hidden beauty of Pakistan.


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