A recent release in the music industry of Pakistan spread all over and over in a very less time. On August 1, 2018 a song was released by, a renowned engineer by profession, lyricist by nature and a great musician by aesthetics, Umar Hasan.  It was not the first time he has hustled the world of music; he has been doing so from a long time. August 2018 release of “YEH WATAN “, a great national song that will mesmerize you with the very first tune of it and fill you with pleasures of patriotism, became popular within days and will, definitely, make your Jashn e Azadi  more brimful. Umar, a resident of Pakistan, Lahore, possesses a great love for his country and music. He says he wants to do something through the talent God has bestowed him with and he will go to every end for his purpose. He is great nationalist and musician simultaneously, a great mixture Pakistan need at this time. Inspired by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the greatest name and legend in the history of Pakistan, Hasan has released four songs up till now and many other covers.

He says in an interview to E-life Pakistan, that he used to jam all night long even after coming from his hectic day work. He has won many awards performing in Pakistan Army Center, which was a huge up in his career. He also performed in Voice of Nation Competition by Boomers set up by Hilal Foods, Pakistan. One of the greatest achievements was his honorary membership of Pakistan Army Engineering Center.

Umar tells the E-life that “music never started in me, as it was always residing inside me so I never had to explore it as the things inside you never have to be explored they come out now and then”. Talking about inspiration, he says that “the husky voice of Nusrat sir and mind-bending tunes of A. R. Rehman helped me transpire me into what I m today”. A person who thinks all his 28 years life about music and plans his life to do something for his nation is no less than a blessing for this country. His all-way increasing fan following is strengthening his plans. It makes a person more rigorous for his career when such a large crowd belaud and rhapsodize you.



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