Lip shape……………. What it reveals about you??


God has created every feature of human being with a reason. Lips are considered to be the most leading feature of body in determining expressions. They say a lot of things without words. They show our feelings when we are happy, sad, nervous or angry.

Now Scientists and physiognomists, after considering their face reading studies are saying that there are many kinds of lips according to their shapes and sizes and each has its own traits which reflect someone’s personality.

They say that lips shapes and sizes have great impact on our personality .Here we will discuss some shapes of lips and what they reveal about individual’s personality traits.

Heart Shaped Lips

These kinds of lips have attractive cupids bow and full lower lips. They make a shape like heart that points to a person who is extra kind hearted. Women having heart-shaped lips are very creative, genius and they love to be independent. They have exceptional communication skills.

Wide Lips

These lips are pretty wide but not thick. These lips look good while smiling. Afro-American ladies have such lips. This shape makes women very helpful and kind. They are much friendly. They involve others in conversations. They don’t like to be alone. They don’t have word “impossible” in their life and solve every problem in time.

Roller Coaster Lips

These lips look so well-defined. According to Chinese face reading, the people with this shape of lips appear to be egotistical. They have strong maternal instinct and generally make the best parents.

Full Lips

People with this lip shape, think, Ashwariya Rai, safeguard and protect others and have very selfless nature. They value relationships above all else. They even find joy in valuing relationships. But they have very charming nature. They are very confident also. This lip shape correlates with a strong desire to be a mother.

Thin Lips

Thin-Lipped people are self-sufficient. They like to be alone and feel “ok” with it. They don’t need to be attached to someone. They are not so good in relationships. And for long lasting relationships, they have to be very patient. They are self-reliant and can cope with any problem.

Goldilocks Lips


These are medium sized lips. They are pretty even keeled in relationships. They are not needy or clingy, but tend to crave a deeper connection with people in relationships. They have balanced life and sharp logic skills. They have ability to listen others and strong enough in this matter. They love to laugh and in relationships, they don’t like to be drama-seeking.



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