An artist born not made like a younger artist Ashir . ASHIR  was Born in city Hassan Abdal Pakistan (12 January 1996) is Singer and Composer ,He has a terrific hobby of music listening from the very outset of his age . As soon as he became younger he started to seek the music .
He started to take classes from Different Music Composers and Singers. Ashir recorded his first song as a young Singer in 2014 to check his vocal only rather people like it or not.Than he got a good response by the people about his vocal. Than his interest became in making compositions a sensational profession . After some Months he made a composition of his own breathtaking song and song is Released by Australian Music Company ” Blue Pie Records ” Then he became to met different directors and producers .  He Met to Lyricist and Composer Saleem Shahid and did work with him and got superb response Then Ashir’s melodious work crossed the border to reach India . Ashir Composed and sung Romantic Hindi Single 
” Bechain Hu ” for White Hill music. and Song also Coming with Indian Company ” Saga music ” . 

In interview with a ” E Life Pakistan ”  Ashir share about the struggle that he always do behind own his song , Ashir tell us that He writes story of the songs by himself , He narrates that he never compromise on lyrics of his own story for song.He met best different Lyricists and took their time a lot for perfection. He is also involve in Music Programming and Music Directer create the music of his song by Ashir thoughts and ideas , Ashir said that he is also involve during mixing of songs , Ashir said that whether he wouldn’t be successful but he’ll make original songs always. Because he believes in original music he don’t copy others and make Cover songs .He said that he did not work for money or fame he works for the peace of his own soul. May Allah bless that type of Artists who makes our country proud .



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