“A Knowledge Seeker is Rewarded”


Anthony Hopkins says, “The Best of us Develop Later. In high School I was an Idiot.”

Success demands tiresome and smart work. That’s why, it’s not served like a sweet dish. One has to reach it, wading through the Sea of hopelessness, rejection and failure. After that, it is enjoyed, sitting on the happy ground of optimism. The picture shows Muhammad Shoaib Sagar, an emerging writer, he opened his eye in a pathetic house of a small village (MAMUNKANAJAN) of Pakistan. Here he saw domestic clashes, highly ignorant people and rivalry among his relatives that led to innocent-killing and epidemic garbage in the streets. He is the eldest son of a poor butcher who was not willing to make his son educate: he did it, burning the mid night oil. He would work and study simultaneously. He has been at different local shops, bakeries, general stores, mills, and in restaurants, working as a Waiter. Dodging his poverty, he did his graduation but his father denied supporting him anymore and used to say different words of abuses because his son was young enough and he was not giving his father a helping hand. But he did it. He did his post graduation. M. S. Sagar was not a brilliant student at his school but when he did his matriculation, he was made Awake.

He had already begun writing poetry, essays, speeches, short stories, novels and etcetera in English language, ignoring the hard criticism of his illiterate society. After having been appointed as ESE, now-a-days he is working in a Govt. school as a teacher. Having achieved a goal, he is trying to prove himself a professed author. He has written 4 books i.e. “A Gold-Digger And Some Buried Tales” (a collection of short fiction, going to be published) “The Lightless Cave of Heart” (a novel) “How Skillfully God Concealed My Sins!” (a novel) “The Supreme Ruler” (a novel). All of them lie unpublished.

E-Life Pakistan is proud to be one that discovers, supports and projects such a sublime talent of Pakistan. There was a time when the authors were paid gold equal to the weight of their books. The need of the hour is that such kind of talent must be considered at national and international level. An author always seeks encouragement.



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