Shounter Lake…..The magic Spell for tourists



Whenever someone thinks about Pakistan the words came in minds are Terrorism, Corruption, Load Shedding, sectarianism and such other bad issues. Because Pakistan has been the part of international news mostly for wrong reasons. But Pakistan is not that what the Global Media has told.

E-Life Pakistan has the honor to depict Pakistan’s beauty and its positive expects through its project “The Brighter Side of Pakistan”. And when it comes to beautiful landscapes and mind-blowing sceneries, Pakistan is absolutely matchless.

God has blessed Pakistan with immense natural beauty on this Earth. Such stunning places of Pakistan are located in Northern Areas.

Here we will tell you about one of the most beautiful lakes of World, not only Pakistan.

This Scenic Lake called “Shounter Lake” is located in Shounter Valley that is a sub valley of Neelam valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan at the elevation of 10,200 feet. This lake is encircled by beautiful lush green mountains and glacial waters.

If someone really wants to visit paradise in this world, he must visit Shounter valley once because this is one of the places that are soothing to souls. Tourists can feel the sense of calmness and peace.

The roads of this valley are opened for a few months in the summer season because it remains snow stricken. So the best time to visit this valley is May to August.

Shounter Lake is small but very lovely lake at the end of shonuter valley for Camping Lovers as Camping is common here. Shonuter valley spreads in Upper Neelam Valley and can be accessed through jeep travel of 2-3 hours from kel via Domail. Jeep Track also finishes near this Lake.

From Shounter Valley, one can come across the Shounter Pass which opens into Astore Valley at Rattoo. This is an exciting opportunity to cross the Shounter Pass from Shounter village and to reach Astore Valley in 2 to 3 days. This area has been very rarely explored by the tourists.

It’s a “dream come true for many” .One must visit this valley as this will leave you in the state of enchantment.


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