A guide to prepare your body for pregnancy


Pregnancy is not much easy that you just had sex with your partner and now should be decided upon impulsively. Getting pregnant means you are going to grow your family and about to bring a new life in this world. And it’s not only about feeding and giving them a roof to live under. Getting pregnant means you are going to give a new life in your body and your first responsibility must be to protect your child from each and every kind of harm.

And for this purpose you must need to bring some changes in your life, So that you can easily set, ready, conceive and create a best possible environment for your newborn and yourself too.

Here are some tips one should follow before getting pregnant.

Clean up your diet

First thing you need to do is remove unhealthy foods from your diet and add healthy ones. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Remove all junk foods. Whole foods are ideal. Green leafy foods are full of iron. Some foods play important role in women fertility like green leafy vegetables, almonds, Salmon and eggs. Avoid intake of caffeine, energy drinks and sodas. And you should quit smoking if you are a smoking lady.

Exercise and Yoga

Work out is always important to keep yourself energetic and healthy. Having regular simple exercises and yoga poses may help to reduce stress by releasing hormones of happiness. On the other hand exercise will keep your body fit and blood pressure normal. Specific Yoga poses play very important role in keeping reproductive organs healthy and nourished like Legs up the wall, Butterfly pose, Hip circles and Open-legged forward bend.


Acupuncture is one of the healing therapies to ease pregnancy complaints. It lowers back pain, leg pains following childbirth. It reduces depression and anxiety. This Chinese technique is totally safe during pregnancy. But it must be conducted by some professional. This procedure involves use of thin needles but it doesn’t cause any pain.

Weight Control

Yes your body weight always matters. Obese mothers face a lot of pregnancy complications. And if you are heavier than you should be, it may cause difficulties in getting pregnant and sometimes it becomes impossible to fertile with your heavy weight. So control your weight and get healthy meals to make your body perfect for pregnancy.

Folic acid supplements

Start taking multivitamin supplement after consulting with your gynecologist but make sure that your supplement must have folic acid. Folic acid is one of the ingredients of multivitamin pills that is important to reduce neural tube defects. Your partner also should have enough folic acid to produce optimal quality sperms.

Track your menstrual cycle

Focus on your menstrual cycle and get a rough estimate when you are most fertile. You need to record the time when your periods start and end. And also notice any irregularity r bleeding patterns.

Having sex in right time


Yes……Sex is a thing in which time doesn’t matter but when it’s about getting pregnant; you need to have intercourse during the time when you are ovulating and the chances to get pregnant are more than the normal. Your egg and your partner’s Sperm are able to connect best when you are ovulating. Sperm would not produce baby if they enter your body when your ovary is not releasing egg. So try to have them in right time.


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