How to care for your Leather Handbag


Carrying a quality Leather Handbag is one of the old traditions among women. Ladies invest a lot of money for purchasing good quality branded handbags. Leather handbags are natural products and have natural properties. These products fade naturally over time, so they need utmost care to keep them looking new as they were on the day you purchased them.

“World’s finest handbag restoration specialists” give some tips to keep your designer handbag soft and reliable for years.

Today we will discuss those tips here and by following these tips you can keep your leather handbag stylish and durable for long duration.

Clean Your Bag regularly

Leather Products need proper cleaning because leather is susceptible to grease and oil. So your handbag requires cleaning after one week. You just need to dip a cloth in water and clean bag with this. But be aware, don’t use too much water because leather absorbs water and takes time to dry. Never use baby wipes to remove stains from bag as they can damage the color of bag and make it dry. Handle your handbag with clean hands.

Use Leather Cleaning Product

Never use any home remedy for cleaning leather handbag. Mix a small amount of mild liquid soap in warm water and use this mixture with cotton cloth to clean leather surface. Do this once a month. Other special products are also available in markets to clean leather that may also be used. Like Leather conditioners are available to moisturize the handbags which will keep it soft and new. You can moisturize your handbag once in 5 months depending upon the climate and humidity.

Keep your bag in dust bag

If your bag is not in use, you must keep it in dust bag or you can use a pillowcase for this purpose. This will keep your bag in perfect condition. And be careful where you keep your bag when it’s not in use. Always keep it protected from direct sunlight, heat and water to prevent color fading. Heat can also cause cracking in leather. If you are storing bag for long term then it’s better to open its buckles or straps to remove impressions.

Stuff your bag

Keep your bag filled with stuff even when it’s not under use. Or the other option is to keep wrapped newspaper or old cloth in bag. This trick will help to keep it in good shape.

 Don’t overfill the bag

Don’t give extra burden to your daily used handbag. Just keep some necessary items in bag. Make sure the water bottle in your bag is properly sealed and all the make-up products especially lipstick and foundation are with lid. Otherwise you will spoil not only your day but your beautiful designer handbag also.

Don’t hold handles too much

Holding handbag’s handles too much may discolor it. And natural oil secretion from skin can damage the leather. It’s better to keep bag over arms rather than in hands.

Use Brushes for cleaning dust

If your bag has come with brush, then you should use it daily for wiping off the routine dust from bag.



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