How to prevent cold and flu this winter


How to prevent cold and flu this winter

Winter season, in other words “Cold and Flu” season is coming because winter is when infections tend to become more prevalent.  There are a number of things you can do to prevent yourself and your family from infections and diseases this winter.

It’s all about caring and adopting some advice to avoid you from getting attacked.

Let’s talk about these hazards today and their preventions.

Stay Hygienic

Avoid touching your nose and eyes because these are common places for germs to enter. Washing your hands over and over can reduce the chances of getting ill. If soap and water are not available, use alcohol based sanitizer. No matter where are you, try to keep your surrounding area neat and clean. Keep up a healthy lifestyle. Consider wearing a mask, if you are near a person who is sick or having cold or flu.

Get enough sleep

Whatever the season is, a normal human being needs to get enough sleep for a healthy body and healthy life. Sleep is the key element for good healthy life. Lack of sleep increases the chances of getting ill. Medical researchers have found that not getting good sleep may make you prone to cold and flu. So make sure you are getting enough sleep of 6-7 hours regularly.

Keep moving

Regular exercise may help to keep you away from cold and flu. Yes, it’s logical. According to studies, exercise makes our immune system stronger to fight infections and eventually increases number of natural killer cells in our body. Exercise keeps our circulation going. So get those sweats on and work out.

Take healthy diet

Taking good and healthy diet is very important for overall well being. During winter season you must take good diet full of nutrients like nuts and seeds, citrus fruits containing vitamin C, dairy foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese because they also play role in strengthening of our immune functions.

Get vaccinated

If you get Cold and flu regularly in winters or any other season, one treatment may be to get vaccinated to prevent flu. This may reduce symptoms and prevent you from worst condition.

Consider herbs

If you are prone to get cold and flu, you must rely on some herbal treatments like you should have habit of using honey in winters. Menthol may be the best remedy for ease in breathing if you caught cold. You just need to dip a menthol stick in warm water and get its steam inside your nasal cavity. Swallow some ginger or make ginger tea daily to remain cold-free. Use lemons to keep your mineral level normal or take green tea with lemon in it.


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