Ali Zafar Takes Pakistani Cinema to China!


Ali Zafar, A Pakistani actor and singer takes Pakistani cinema to china. He is one of the proud Pakistanis who represented Pakistan at 5th Silk Road International Film Festival in China.

The Silk Road International Film Festival is a group of individuals who provide an amazing display of Middle Eastern, Persian, Arab, African, Asian and European films each year to Dublin and Ireland.

Pakistani Film “Teefa in Trouble” was selected to represent Pakistan at the Silk Road International Film Festival in china. Last time, “Punjab Nahi Jaon gi” featuring Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat and “Chalay Thay Saath” featuring Syra Shahroz were also screened in China.

Teefa in Trouble is a 2018 Pakistani romantic action comedy film. It is about the son of a gangster, who kidnaps a woman and forces her for an arranged marriage.

Ali Zafar being its producer, co-writer, actor and star represented Pakistan. And he discussed the possibility of enhancing bilateral cinematic cooperation between Pakistan and china. Ali Zafar travelled to China and spoke at a series of round table meetings hosted by Chinese government and film officials.

He highlighted that his film “Teefa In Trouble” grossed approximately $2.7 million from Pakistan alone with only 101 screens, whereas in comparison, Bollywood big films do big business by releasing with over 4000 screens and Chinese films now with 50,000 screens. He said Pakistani film students and film makers should be given an opportunity to work aside Chinese film students and film makers and vice versa. This will not only help diversify our understanding towards each other’s cultures but also will be beneficial in commercial prospects. Ali Zafar said Pakistan has enormous potential and is a beautiful country and the world must get to see it “.

He made china to realize that investment into Pakistan is sure to be lucrative.

Ali Zafar tweeted also that he felt so honored to have his latest release ‘Teefa In Trouble’ for a special screening at the festival among other international films.


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