Workplace Rules for Happy Life


Workplace is a place where you have to live most of your time. The time spent at home is joyful for everyone but most of us feel hectic at workplace due to workload or sometimes we don’t feel comfortable with others there. But following some simple rules to be happy at workplace, one can make his/her time beautiful and peaceful.

Trust no one but respect everyone

Trust in relations may be good for keeping relationships healthy at home but at workplace the rule is different. You should never trust anyone at workplace. Never believe anyone blindly. But don’t compromise on respect. Respect everyone because it will come back to you. But trusting everyone may be harmful.

Never take office to home

What happened in office is nothing to do with your home. Keep office gossips in office. Already we spend less time at home with family. So it is not necessary to share everything at home. And avoid taking home gossips to office.

Enter on time, leave on time

Work is never ending but you are more important than your work. Your health is more important than anything else. And your desktop is not helping to improve your health. So there is no need to impress anyone in office. Give time to yourself and your family. Be professional and punctual. Enter office on time but also leave on time.

Never rush for a position

Progress in your position in office doesn’t matter. If you get promoted congrats but if not then it’s really ok. Indeed you will be remembered for your hard work and knowledge, not for your destination.

How people treat you

You are not everyone’s cup of tea. It doesn’t matter how people treat you. Be humble and behave professionally. Be polite to everyone. Don’t try to please everyone. Expect nothing, if somebody helps you, feel thankful. If not, you will learn things your own.


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