While sitting across road I can easily see the clump of trees , continuously thinking about their fate. It’s Autumn here .Someone’t voice was jiggling my thoughts that “Autumn is so perfect & beautiful ”
But it’s so strange why everything is dying .
What trees want to tell us by shedding their leaves .
Are they showing their anger ? kept on thinking what will happen if trees could speak,what they speak
? Would they tell reason , would they tell us our vicious face ,how cruel human is .
In life ,human wants attention so he always busy in pretending how much he is strong as he is standing tall like trees but actually he doesn’t stand tall like trees but he can’t.
What Autumn showing us? Trees anger,what could they speak.
Surely,they weep ,they mourn . Merciless monsters (humans) first planted them & then plow them down for all what ? Just for little more room.
Science proves trees are living.
Aren’t they bleed? Yes trees bleed too . Then why human cut them down in so barbaric way .
Aren’t they alive? Aren’t they providing so much benefits ? How many good gestures people can get from blooming trees .Trees are much taller than us ,they tower over us & even we are forced to look them up .
Isn’t showing their Superiority & Human’s inferiority?
They provide us shade ,oxygen & really something so enchanting to look at , isn’t enough for humans?
But people are the most disappointing creation.
If they could speak,they surely regret why they providing shade to such cruel creature.
Perhaps,when trees shed their leaves ,they are weeping for all they have lost.
They would ask why barbaric creature steal their existence ,why they won’t allow them to talk direct with Sky ,why they plow them down .
Trees mourn in Autumn asking what they did to deserve such injustice.
Autumn probably showing their wrath in which branches blaze.
They shedding leaves because they’re trying to tell how much they’re lifeless & leafless.
Their bare branches cast haunting shadows.If they could speak they surely would say ,you should be ashamed of yourselves & yes humans should be .
Perhaps ,that is what happens in Autumn .
Actually we are so selfish .We will not ashamed of ourselves because we are living in our pride . We don’t have such eye through which we can see tears of trees. We don’t have such level of thinking at which we can think what actually Autumn wants to show us .We think it is beautiful but actually it is not.


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