Allah_ Destiny &You


Most of the people of our society are suffering from so _ called painful fantasy Depression .You people really think that everyone who fails to mark his hit in any of his life goal is in depression not at all.Depression is just a fantastic circulating word among us .we people are actually dead from inside .We don’t want to try ,we don’t to work hard that’s why when we lose we continuously think or make ourselves realized we are failure .Life ends here .Now, nothing good gonna be happened with us anymore .Actually ,the reason is we people are loving with strong rooted mis_conception ,in our mind .We think about Success & no doubt we all make so much efforts to access it ,side by side we are doing such harmful mistake is we are giving birth to this idea inside us that try for getting something has only a few limit like we can try 3 times hardly more 4 times & then doors will be closed .Really? many of you may be not agreed with my point of view but when you stepped in a learning world ,you should make realize yourself this world has no boundaries .The key to access it is “Effort”
“Effort” no one knows how many times .
It continues until you will be succeed .And All this good shit you will understand when you realize you are in cycle of life ,Its cycle & circle which has no ending point .When you understand why you are here in this world .Why Allah wants you to be tested .Probably No one of us know the real meaning of Fortune .Probably ,We call It Fate , Lady luck ,Happenstance & Destiny ,but no one even wants to make an effort to understand the meanings of effort ,luck ,success .
When you intend for something ,you want to take a direct jump to your destination ,you don’t want to take the way of steps ,you just want to jump at once .
Even you don’t think to take a break & make applause for yourself to appreciate your own self,this thing make our way of failure more easy & smooth .
Next comes a word Buckle all might hear ..its a name of hurdle ,a pretty fine hurdle to beat us ,to hurt us Really? You people think? Not at all its again a major mis-conception .Buckles in the way of success are pretty tools to entertain us .Allah puts hurdles in our way because HE doesn’t want to see HIS Creature looking tired .
Its only Notion & a way of someones thinking that leads Her/Him.
Why we people always looking forward for someone else ,like they come& wipe out tears .
It just another mis-conception that shows how we are immature .
We don’t want to try ,we don’t want to be strong ,we don’t want to grow up ,we don’t want to be secretive .What actually we want? It just a need of taking a breathe for a while & compose ourselves to enjoy our journey of Victory or to welcome some new buckles to enjoy a closeness to your CREATOR.
You have hands.Flex them up & wipe off your tears & Let your all worries ,all doubts & fear flow away in ocean of salty fluid .Remember,Allah helps them who help themselves .Don’t wait for anyone to come & understand you .Don’t look around for shoulders to cry upon .Don’t find ridiculous & miserable ways to blame situation .Just look up,head up ,Nose pointing straight ,And say “I’m around …….for myself ”
& that’s all above the conclusion of trilogy of Allah,Destiny & You…….


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